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Q. Is shoe hire included in the price?

A. Shoes are available to hire for $2. 


Q. Do you have bumpers and ramps for the kids?

A. Yes, bumpers are designed for children 12 and under and anyone can use the ramps.


Q. Can we have a drink at the lanes while we're bowling?

A. Yes, you can. You can even have a bite to eat if you choose.


Q. How many bowlers can be on one lane?

A. You can have up to 12 bowlers on a lane but keep in mind, the more bowlers you have the longer the game takes. 4 - 6 bowlers are ideal. Please note, during COVID there is a maximum of 5 bowlers per lane, adhering to the current social distancing regulations.


Q. How long does a game take?

A. That depends on how many bowlers there are. Allow 10 minutes per bowler to finish a game. If you had 4 bowlers a game would take approx. 40 minutes.


Q. What does the red circle around my score mean?

A. A red circle around a score means that you have split the pins.

Q. How many frames to a game?

A. There are 10 frames in each game.


Q. Do I need to book?

A. No but its always a good idea, especially during our busy times. Being a modern facility we have a waiting list and will always be able to get you on a lane if you decide last minute to go bowling.

Q. Do I need to pay a deposit for a party?

A. We do not require a deposit for kids birthday parties, however we will require a deposit for any large booking (3 lanes or more) during our busy periods. This deposit is $10 per person, which is non refundable or transferable, so we do encourage you to ensure all your guests are coming so you do not lose $10 for any no shows. We collect the deposits in the week prior to your booking, giving you plenty of time for RSVPs, except Christmas parties when we start collecting them in November.

Q. I want to bring a cake in and other food and drinks to celebrate a birthday, can I do that?

A. No, unfortunately we have a policy where we do not allow food or drinks to be brought inside the premises. You can choose to bring a birthday cake in however, we  charge cakeage of $2 per person. We have ice cream cake available for purchase upon request.


Q. Can we hire the whole venue for our party?

A. Yes, you can and it certainly makes for a memorable night. Call Trish on 0412 728705 to discuss your needs.


Q. Can I bring my own food and drinks into the venue?

A. No, we do not allow food or drinks to be brought into the venue. We are fully licensed and must adhere to responsible service of alcohol.

Q. Can I get a refund on my bowling once I have started?

A. No, unfortunately once a game of bowling has commenced, including a game purchased in a 2 game package, we cannot issue a refund. Games cannot be "saved" to be completed at a later date either.

Q. I want to play pool, how does it work?

A. Our pool tables take $3 in coin to play a game. We have plenty of coin in our tills if you need to swap a note over. We also have an ATM on site if you need to get cash out.

Q. Is there an age limit on the pool tables?

A. Unfortunately, yes there is. Children 12 and under are not permitted to play on our pool tables. 

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